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Monday, 22 January 2018
About the company

MANTOX Engineering Ltd, is a professionally run company with a dedicated team of professionals employed in a wide diversity of business and trading interests, whose specific goal is improving asset management along with the enhancement of the company’s turnover.

Based in Nicosia, Cyprus, and established in 1989, it is specialized in the trading and distribution of Electrical, Mechanical and Data&Telecommunication equipment and accessories.

Mantox Engineering employs experienced, professional and qualified personnel, all being well familiar with the Cyprus market demands and requirements . In addition they are well familiar with the approach and attitude necessary to secure business and therefore achieve high sale figures.

Since its establishment, Mantox Engineering has ensured successful marketing and trading of numerous products in Cyprus. The 1000 square meter main warehouse and the continuous rotation of our stock have enable Mantox to provide quick service to its customers and steadily climb the ladder of success overpowering the competition. Since the first day of its establishment, Mantox Engineering has successfully participated in major projects in the country and was able to supply the required products to complete all projects on time.
The new Nicosia General Hospital as well as the Ammochostos General Hospital are two of the main Government projects that we have supplied our products to.
Mantox Engineering currently employs 2 Senior Engineers, and 3 auxiliary personnel.

After many years of successful operations Mantox Engineering has established a sound reputation for its efficiency and reliability among other leading companies, hence the large number of manufacturers who are keen to join the organization.




Mantox Engineering Ltd Info

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