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Monday, 19 February 2018
NOBO - Domestic Heating

NOBO Heating is leading the way in the electric heating market, offering products and solutions for specific market applications. Where other companies simply supply a heater, we work with you to ensure the correct heating scheme design has been applied to a specific project. Our success is based on unrivalled quality, so when you need the best it has to be NOBO.

Embracing the challenge of providing a range of electric heating products with the flexibility of total control, NOBO Heating's main platform for success in this sector has been the use of the Series 8 slimline heaters. The NOBO Series 8 range of heaters are the complete solution for all applications, ideal for commercial and residential properties. Stylishly constructed and elegantly finished in pure white, the Series 8 range of heaters which are maintenance free, will enhance every location.

The Radiant Glass Panel heater is only 9mm thick, is sophisticated in its simplicity and has been embraced by the design community as a must-have product in most contemporary apartments. It is also a favoured choice for the smartest offices and corporate reception areas that require something sculptural to enhance the interior scheme.

Click here to visit NOBO Heating Website


Mantox Engineering Ltd Info

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